Opposition agrees: dark clouds over Holland

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Green Left and Democrats D66 have voiced their agreement with criticisms of government cuts made in a Social and Cultural Planning Office SCP report to be published today.

The planning office accuses the government of only looking at the economic aspects of the cuts and ignoring the social affects.

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  • osita posted:

    on 16th November 2011, 19:28:20 - Reply

    If I understand the cuts right, it means that donating to a local/children's music club is as attractive, financially, as donating to a national orchestra, under the amended tax relief scheme. That both will attract the same level of tax relief - so Mr Millionaire can now choose whether to support world-class orchestras or his child's band? Either the full details haven't been emphasised in the press, or the elitists are dropping their monocles over this? I can only see an increased social aspect to this if local community bands can afford to maintain their practice huts, buy more instruments, or travel to more competitions, etc.