One in three Dutch parents says no to parenting advice

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A recent survey shows that one in three Dutch parents does not appreciate advice from others.

The Hague –  One in three parents have doubts about their ability to raise children, but reject any suggestion of government-sponsored courses and do not want outsiders interfering in the upbringing of offspring, reveals recent survey.

The survey commissioned by Youth and Health Minister André Rouvoet was filled out by 1,100 parents. 

The survey shows a majority of parents occasionally talk to other people about the behaviour of their children, but more than a third of the parents do not appreciate unsolicited advice from other parents.

In the survey, parents say the most difficult issue facing them is consistency; fathers complain about being unable to find time to spend with their children, mothers are often daunted by the great responsibility of being a parent.

According to AD, Minister Rouvoet said he hopes parents will talk more about the problems they face in raising their children.

"Talking to each other about parenting issues should become just as normal as talking about the weather."

The survey also shows one in five parents – most of them men – say they never experience any problems in raising their children.

Radio Netherlands / Expatica

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