One in four young women is sexually abused

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About 25 percent of young women in the Netherlands aged between 15 and 25 years old are victims of sexual abuse.

The Hague -- Nearly one quarter of young women aged between 15 and 25 years old are victims of sexual violence, showed the latest National Youth Monitor on Monday.

In comparison, 21 percent young men who fall in the same aged group are sexually abused.

The National Youth Monitor is compiled at the request of the Ministry for Youth and Families and carried out by the Statistics Netherlands (CBS).

According to the report, most perpetrators are acquaintances of the victim.

Of those who are sexually abused in the Netherlands, seven percent of young women and three percent of young men would be raped.

The percentage of boys forced to perform oral sex is higher and stands at four percent. Seven percent of young women said they are forced to perform oral sex

One in 10 girls would be forced to undress and one in five would be groped under her clothing.

For the first time, the monitor also provided information on children who experienced a divorce.

Around 33,000 children in the Netherlands have parents who divorced, with more than half when they are or were under 10 years old.

The reports also showed that parents who split up are often more involved in the raising of their children than before.


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