Olympic rings stolen from Amsterdam Stadium

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Thieves have stolen the five Olympic rings hanging above the entrance to city's Olympic Stadium.

Amsterdam police say it may be the work of the New Year's Eve Association Frijsteat Folgeren Friesland, which is well-known for this sort of stunt.

The chair of the association, Sietze Jan Hof, refused to either confirm or deny that his people were behind the daring raid on but did say "the material will be exhibited on 1 January."

Members of the Frijsteat Folgeren had originally wanted to 'liberate' the coat of arms on the walls of the Leeuwarden provincial council chambers but police prevented them from getting away with the stunt.

Amsterdam's Olympic Stadium was built in 1927 for the 1928 games. The five rings are the Olympic symbol and represent the five continents.



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