North Sea to rise 40 centimetresor 120

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If Antarctica’s icecap melts, the sea off the Dutch coast will rise by 120 centimetres, an official report says, but if Greenland’s icecap melts the North Sea will only rise by 40 centimetres.

The study into regional effects of rising sea levels was published on Friday on the website of the National Weather Centre.

It was carried out by the Utrecht University, the Delft University of Technology and the weather centre.

The impact of global warming, such as rising sea levels, the report notes, will differ by region, depending on a variety of factors, including ocean currents and the precise interaction between the oceans and the icecaps.

“As the ice sheet becomes smaller and the ocean holds more water, less water will be drawn to the icecap,” the scientists conclude.

They also discovered that regional differences in rising sea levels are the result of differences in the rise of the earth’s crust.

During the last ice age, some 20,000 years ago, the ice mass pushed the earth’s crust down.

The crust under Iceland, Canada and Scandinavia is still bouncing back, pushing the sea level up more in one place than another.  

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