No new female directors

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The Netherlands lags behind Europe in putting women at the top.

AMSTERDAM—In 2008, the number of female directors of companies listed on the Dutch stock exchange remained the same as in 2007: six. According to figures released on Tuesday by Rotterdam's Erasmus University, this represents just two percent of all 113 stock exchange-listed companies in the country.

The number of female members of Supervisory Boards increased in 2008 by four to 41. Of all the companies studied by the researchers, 31 had at least one female supervisor.

On average within Europe, one in three managers is a woman. In the Netherlands, one in four managers is female. Norway comes in as the leader with regard to women in management at four in ten, with Denmark and Spain following close behind. In Norway women started making more headway to the top once quotas were introduced.

“With regard to percentages of women heading business and non-profit organizations, the Netherlands comes in somewhere at the bottom, along with Botswana,” Agnes Jongerius, Director of the trade union FNV stated in an NRC article last April.

The Dutch European Commissioner for Competition Neelie Kroes called last year for the implementation of Europe-wide quotas to ensure opportunities for women at the top.

Radio Netherlands/NRC Handelsblad/Expatica

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