No more privileges for immigrant students

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Immigrant children sitting for their secondary school exams will no longer be granted free points and be allowed to make more mistakes.

Immigrant children taking secondary school exams will no longer receive preferential treatment of being allowed to make more mistakes, said Deputy Education Minister Marja van Bijsterveldt in a report published by AD. 

The deputy minister’s decision comes after questions in parliament were raised following a report in AD.

The newspaper pointed out children of immigrants who have lived in the Netherlands for no longer than six years and whose native language is not Dutch, are allowed to make more mistakes in their tests.

Under the old system that was introduced in 1987, immigrant students in secondary schools were allowed to make more mistakes than native Dutch students before points were deducted.

The new change means that there will be consistent grading between immigrant and Dutch students. Immigrant students can continue to use a dictionary, and will be granted more time to finish their test. These are the same rules which apply to Dutch students suffering from dyslexia.

The measure will only affect between 200 and 300 students in secondary education, said van Bijsterveldt.

Radio Netherlands / Expatica

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