No extra security measures in Netherlands

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Warnings about possible terrorist attacks in Europe will not result in increased security measures in Germany and the Netherlands. The United States, Great Britain and Japan recently issued warnings claiming that al-Qaeda and other extremist organisations were planning attacks on public transport and tourist destinations.

France has heightened its state of alert, while the government in Berlin says there is no evidence of any imminent attack on Germany. The Dutch National Anti-terrorism Coordinator Erik Akkerboom says he does not regard the warnings as a reason to take extra precautions.

The new warnings are unrelated to reports last week that a Pakistani Taliban leader had criticised the Netherlands and threatened anti-Dutch actions. Mr Akkerboom said, "We were aware of this message, which has already been taken into account in our analysis of the threat level."

The security services have not revealed the precise nature of the threat, other than to announce they have "uncovered a plot" and rounded up a group of radicals at an undisclosed location in northern Pakistan. Apparently some of them are Europeans, although their nationalities have not been made known.

In his latest report, last month, the National Coordinator stated that international terrorist groups still regard the Netherlands as an anti-Islamic country and a legitimate target. Since there has been no concrete evidence of planned attacks, however, the level of threat continues to be classified as "limited".  

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