New popular Dutch snack takes over from Frikandel

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A layer of French fries, then kebab meat, sauce and cheese. Throw it under the grill, top it off with some lettuce and voila! The “hairdresser”.

On Expatica Netherlands Facebook, one reader asked if anyone knew why this snack is called Kapsalon or Hairdressor.

 We agree this wasn't clear from the video article we ran on Sunday, and did some research: The kapsalon was invented by El Aviva, a snackbar in Delfshaven in Rotterdam. It appears that the staff at Tati, a hairdresser next door, always ordered shoarma and chips together to eat it quickly. Et voila the Kapsalon! The cheese, lettuce and sauce came later. It seems that the dish was inspired by a dish from the Cape Verde islands called ‘cachupa’.


Expatca Editor/ NG

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