New international organization to bring world religions under one roof

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Saudi Arabia has financed the founding of a new international organization in Vienna designed to bring the world's religions together. The organization hopes to prevent conflict through interfaith dialogue.

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  • Robert Park posted:

    on 15th October 2011, 16:32:36 - Reply

    The ecumenical movement has been in existence for a number of years without making any improvement so how could this new initiative prove to be more effective? Note the recognition given to the obvious that religion is one of the three world evils, the other two being nationalism and snobbery each which creates hositility between people.
  • Dancenny posted:

    on 14th October 2011, 19:25:32 - Reply

    Why is this organization in Europe, and not in Saudi Arabia itself??? Sorry to be suspicious, but do you think they would allow Christian or Jewish signs entering their territory?
  • Sylvie7 posted:

    on 14th October 2011, 15:10:27 - Reply

    Unbelievable! Saudi Arabia must think that all the rest of the world is brain dead. With all their resources the money could be put to better use to relieve oppression in the Muslim world. Help women, stop persecuting Christian minorities, and supporting the delegitimization of Israel.