New Dutch MRSA regulations needed

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The National Institute for Public Health and the Environment RIVM wants better regulations governing outbreaks of multiple-resistant bacteria.

In an interview with Dutch newspaper , RIVM Director Roel Coutinho says it should be compulsory for hospitals to report such outbreaks. At present, hospitals are free to decide whether to report an outbreak and what measures they should take to bring it under control.

“But that doesn’t mean they are always successful in bringing the outbreak under control. At present there is no mechanism in place.” When hospitals report an outbreak, the RIVM can only “look over their shoulders to see if their approach works.”

In practice, most outbreaks of multiple resistant bacteria are reported but the absence of any legal obligation means that sometimes they are not, as was recently the case at the Maasstad Hospital in Rotterdam.

RIVM is currently engaged in discussions with the health inspectorate and the health ministry about possible measures.


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  • Quest posted:

    on 29th August 2011, 20:13:30 - Reply

    It's about time they are required to report and that information should also be available to patients. I have to read about Dutch hospital infections in English speaking journals because they are not required to inform here. Patients should have choices about the hospitals they use and have the information available to make those choices.