Netherlands wants an ‘orange alert’ for Bulgarians

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In Bulgaria, an open letter addressed by Dutch Social Affairs and Employment Minister, Lodewijk Asscher, and the Director of the British Demos thinktank David Goodhart, warning the European Union against the "negative consequences" of the arrival of workers from central and eastern Europe has been met with amazement.

 Netherlands wants an ‘orange alert’ for Bulgarians

Presa notes that Asscher's remarks "are reminiscent of his extreme right compatriot Geert Wilders," and cites Bulgarian Minister for Employment, Hassan Ademov, who responded to the letter by announcing that his Dutch colleague was "wrong."

Ademov also pointed out that Bulgaria and the Netherlands "have signed a bilateral agreement [...] that establishes mechanisms for the control of labour markets in both countries, which prohibit the development of the black economy" - one of the fears expressed by Asscher and Goodhart.

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  • Ganesh posted:

    on 21st August 2013, 13:59:05 - Reply

    I read elsewhere, exPresident UN security Councel already warned for the sickening envy of (some) 'old-western' population: (read 'a Lesson for the West')

    I am not surprised at all, seeing Asscher as an anti 'EU Freedom of Movement' crusader, after all, this is coming from the land that invented the word 'Apartheid', isn't it?
    This guy's family already made millions back in those days when they used..shall we say..other forms of quasi slave labor existed. No wonder he doesn't want the rest of us to make some money too! he likes to keep it all to himself, I guess.

    Well, the expat lot of us WELCOME Bulgarians, because I would love to actually get some service when i go to a hair dresser, or require a plumber. I have had it with the Dutch overcharging me while being rude on top of that, and insisting to work 9-5 when most of us have to be at work myself.

  • blahdeeblah posted:

    on 21st August 2013, 13:17:03 - Reply

    Can't we have an Orange alert (maybe with a picture of Goldmember on TV) when all the Dutch tourists start driving their campers on vacation and crossing the border in huge groups like gnus on the African savannah? I think everyone would appreciate that quite a lot.
  • dmitri posted:

    on 21st August 2013, 12:35:13 - Reply

    Our Netherlands fellow employees and their government are probably very afraid thousands of Bulgarians will come to work in their country WITHOUT ever planning to reside in Netherlands 'forever'. And, yes, they will :)
    They must find it unbearable that we Bulgarians just come to their country for max 6months per year, without registering 'permanently' (which we are NOT legally obligated to do under the Freedom of Movement in EU), and that we therefore will have full entitlement to get all (!!) paid Dutch salary taxes back each year (the '183days rule'), which basically means we work for double the money a Dutch would take back home (cs his home is in Netherlands, and ours is in our low tax beloved country BG) :D
    I think fellow Bulgarians can get any job they want, given that they will accept lower salaries, since they do have this -unbeatable- competitive advantage of getting all Dutch salary tax back :) provided they move back to BG annually.