Netherlands slowly getting mired

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“After five years, the crisis is beginning to bite in the Netherlands,” remarks NRC Handelsblad, which reports on the latest figures from Statistics Netherlands.

 Netherlands slowly getting mired
NRC Handelsblad

Noting that unemployment has risen from a pre-downturn level of 4 per cent to 8.5 per cent, the daily argues that -

Netherlands slowly getting mired... when you look at today's Netherlands, you see a different country to the one you saw in 2007, when the stock market was riding high and property prices were soaring. You see more old cars, more for-sale signs outside houses, more discount supermarkets, fewer babies and more adults who live at home with their parents.

NRC Handelsblad also notes that "more than twice as many people are using food banks, assistance to those in debt has increased by 80 per cent, and that the number of suicides has shot up."

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  • SenorBibby posted:

    on 7th August 2013, 16:24:24 - Reply

    I remember going to a kitchen store once to see about some prices. I asked, in Dutch, about a unit that was already assembled in the store. Turns out he didn't have any more, and that he'd been using it in the store for 18 months. Not only would he not negotiate on price, he wouldn't even provide anything like transportation or reassembly, thought that a 10% discount, as he told me, was "way more than enough and more than I should get". I threw it back at him that only an idiot would pay the new price for a kitchen that had been used for 18 months. He stood there staring at me, so I left. six months later, he still hadn't sold the kitchen unit. So we went to IKEA instead and paid about 50% less for a NEW unit. [Edited by moderator]
  • Keyne posted:

    on 6th August 2013, 12:03:57 - Reply

    That's great news, if you consider how bad the service level is in the Netherlands, you'd be hard pressed to get any service anywhere you go to spend your money, be it a bar or any other shop or bank.

    If only some more Dutch would be laid off, then may be, just may be, some of them will start caring for their job and actually start working harder to deliver SERVICE for a change, instead of moaning during working hours to each other and leaving customers to self service in stores.