Netherlands pleased with move to arrest SS officer

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The Ministry of Security and Justice is pleased that the German Public Prosecution Office has moved to arrest war criminal Klaas Carel Faber. The PPO issued a request for the arrest of the 89-year-old former Nazi SS officer last week to a court in the southern German city of Ingolstadt.

A spokesperson for the Dutch Justice Ministry called the development a breakthrough. “We are watching with interest what the German court decides” a spokesperson said. Urged by the Dutch Justice and Security Minister Ivo Opstelten, the German PPO is looking into whether Faber should be made to sit out his sentence.

Klaas Carel Faber was sentenced to death in the Netherlands in 1947, but his sentence was commuted to life in prison a year later. He escaped from prison in the southern city of Breda in 1952. He then fled to Germany which offers citizenship to former SS officers and does not extradite its nationals. He has lived there in freedom for decades. In November 2010, the Dutch issued a European arrest warrant.

According to British paper was set up in 1951 to help SS veterans. The group was formed by German neo-nazis and is not banned in Germany.

Faber originally came from Haarlem and served in Kommando Feldmeijer during World War II. He was a member of the Silbertanne group which was responsible for around 50 murders of resistance workers in reprisals. He was also a member of the firing squad in Westerbork concentration camp, together with his brother Pieter. The two brothers were known to be very violent.

In 2010 Heinrich Boere was sentenced to life by an Aachen court for the murder of three people in 1944. Klaas Carel’s brother Pieter, who also belonged to the Silbertanne group, was executed in 1948 for war crimes.

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    It's shocking in this day n age this is all happening, These people should have been snuffed out decades ago and the whole nazi crew (family and all) It's an insult to society to share air with these murderous skanks. I hope a mossad operative poisons him.