Netherlands has best healthcare system in Europe

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The Netherlands retains its leading position as the top healthcare system in Europe.

The Netherlands – The Netherlands has been named as having the best healthcare system in Europe in the 2009 Euro Health Consumer Index (EHCI).

This is the second year in a row the Netherlands came in first in the healthcare study. Its leading position is followed by Denmark, Iceland and Austria.

The index which compares the healthcare systems of 32 European countries started in 2005. It is published by the Health Consumer Powerhouse of Sweden supported by the European Commission.

The EHCI rates the public health services of 32 European countries on the basis of six criteria regarded as important to consumers. These are patient rights and information, e-health, waiting times for treatment, outcomes, range and reach of services provided and pharmaceuticals.
Dr Arne Bjornberg of the Health Consumer Powerhouse (HCP) said the Netherlands has found a successful approach to public healthcare with a competitive system of financing care. It was also praised for its minimal bureaucracy and the patient empowerment.
The HCP said while most European countries have carried out reforms in their healthcare systems, healthcare continues to deteriorate in countries such as Spain, Portugal and Greece. Health services in eastern and central Europe have also suffered from the recession.
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  • S.J posted:

    on 29th September 2009, 10:02:42 - Reply

    they have the most unintelligent doctors i have ever came across. Honestly.
    all they can do is to prescribe a paracetamol to whatever illness you might have. that's my personal experience at least for last 3 years.
    one example - dentist. I wasted about 4 months and over 400 euros on my tooth and still it was hurting!! Then I went back home and fixed all in 1 week for less than 50 euros.
  • Dude Man posted:

    on 29th September 2009, 01:01:32 - Reply

    I find this very hard to believe.
    We're "spinning" out of control here.
    What's next another survey will be published saying
    "The sky is green and the grass is blue"?
    "Oh yes I believe that because it was published in a survey..."
  • Nicola Courtney posted:

    on 28th September 2009, 19:35:04 - Reply

    Feel that the survey overlooked the minor issue of what we have to pay for this system and how many (particularly old age pensioners) are often unable to pay for the cover they actualy need e.g. physiotherapy.