Netherlands falling behind in renewable energy

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The Netherlands has fallen two places on the ‘All renewables index’ published annually by professional services firm Ernst & Young. China is still in first place as a result of its continued investments in wind and solar energy.

The United States is in second place thanks to President Barack Obama’s economic stimulus policies, but installed less than a third of the total number of megawatts of wind power than China did. Germany and India are in third and fourth place respectively.

The Netherlands dropped from 16th to 18th place, mainly because it scrapped government subsidies and other stimulus measures.

Most European countries have made cuts to their renewable energy stimulus measures, including France and Spain, but these two countries nevertheless were able to hang on to their seventh and eighth places on the Ernst & Young index.

Germany and Italy have also been forced to cut back, but still scored quite well in terms of investments in solar energy. Globally, there was substantial growth in investments in wind farms at sea. Solar energy also showed substantial growth, while biomass remained at its 2009 level.

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  • JR Bailey posted:

    on 2nd March 2011, 21:06:23 - Reply

    What the author of the article does NOT understand is that the Tax Credits for renewable energies such as Wind and Solar Farms were put into place by George W. Bush NOT Obummer.

    Secondly, the author of the article doesn't seem to either know about or does not mention if he/she knows about it, that the Eco-Terrorists in the USA: PETA, Sierra Club, World Wildlife Fund, Greenpeace, et al, have brought MANY lawsuits in US courts to STOP the building of Wind Farms, Solar Farms, and the Transmission Lines which are needed to convey the Eco-Friendly power from the sites of generation to American homes and businesses.

    This is the reason the US is STILL so far behind other countries in the renewable field. President Obummer has made many speeches about 'renewables' but he has done almost NOTHING to actually put real world infrastructure in place to create power.

    It would be wise of Expatica authors to do a little research prior to writing.