Muslim fundamentalist group launched in the Netherlands

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A group - Sharia4Holland - calling on Muslims to fight for the setting up of a Dutch Islamic state has started operating openly in the Netherlands, writes the Protestant daily newspaper, . The group, which has split from Sharia4Belgium, wants Islamic sharia law to be introduced in the Netherlands. Dutch National Counter-Terrorism Coordinator Erik Akerboom and the Dutch AIVD intelligence agency say they are aware of the group and its activities. Mr Akerboom believes it is too soon to intervene. “As far as we are aware, no crimes have as yet been committed,” he tells the paper.

He declines to go into the scale of the group or who might be behind it. It is to be found on the internet, including on YouTube and facebook, where Sharia4Holland says it is “a group of young people from the Netherlands” who are prepared to fight for the law of Allah.



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  • Regreb posted:

    on 23rd December 2010, 02:21:28 - Reply

    Too soon to intervene?
    Are you people naive? When do you come to your senses?