Most VVD voters against privatised health

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A majority of conservative VVD voters is against privatised health care, Maurice de Hond’s weekly opinion poll shows.

Fifty-six percent of VVD voters say they oppose competition between health care providers and want to see specialists employed by hospitals.

The figures are seen as surprising because both the VVD and Health Minister Edith Schippers are known proponents of privatised health care.

Among all respondents the percentage of those who oppose privatised health care and want to see specialists employed by hospitals rises to 68 eight percent.

Ninety percent of all respondents think there is too much bureaucracy in health care.

Two-thirds say that the coverage offered by health care providers differs little and that the old system was the better than the current one, which was introduced in 2006.

And sixty percent of respondents want health insurance premiums to be linked to income. 

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