Most Dutch feel fellow countrymen are rude

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About 95 percent Dutch surveyed say they are fed up with irritating habits such as nose-picking, burping and talking loudly on their mobile phones.

THE NETHERLANDS – Nose-picking, burping and noisy mobile phone conservations are among the top irritations for 95 percent of Dutch people, reveals a survey.

The figures come from the Foundation for Idealistic Advertising (SIRE) which has conducted a survey on what people find rude in public.
The survey also revealed that four out of five people said they could imagine others being irritated by their own public behaviour.
In the face of a seeming epidemic of rude antics, the foundation is launching a campaign to try and get people to change their ways.

This is the 100th campaign of SIRE since its foundation in 1967. Earlier campaigns include "You're an oaf if you play stunts with fireworks", "Society, that's YOU", and "Don't think lightly about being overweight".

The organisation is the brainchild of six retired advertising executives who want to put the techniques of advertising at the service of socially beneficial aims.

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  • Curt posted:

    on 16th March 2009, 17:37:29 - Reply

    They can burp and pick their noses all they want as far as I'm concerned as long as they wait their turn in line and don't try to cut in front of me...
    The Dutch national pastime isn't voetbal, it's trying to cut in front of people who are patiently waiting their turn.