Moroccan MPs angry at embassy in The Hague

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MPs in Morocco are demanding details about the working conditions at Moroccan diplomatic missions in the Netherlands, Nourdine Moudian, deputy speaker of Morocco’s parliament, has confirmed to Radio Netherlands Worldwide.

Mr Moudian has met former embassy workers and describes working conditions at the Moroccan embassy and consulates in the Netherlands as “not to be tolerated”. He says the situation is “bad for Morocco’s image”.

About 60 people recruited locally in the Netherlands work at the various Moroccan diplomatic missions as support staff. They went on unofficial strike in February. Dutch unions accuse the embassy of structurally paying the staff less than the minimum wage. Other abuses are said to include failure to pay holiday money and incorrect salary slips.

A Dutch union official has told RNW that it’s a positive development that the issue is being debated in the Moroccan parliament. She insists, however, that any solution must be radical and involve a proper agreement.

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  • EENV posted:

    on 29th March 2011, 11:45:40 - Reply

    Diplomatic missions, being embassies and consulates are complete exterritorial and in this case, are Moroccan by all means. A Moroccan diplomat of any class at any embassy is actually working for his own government, pays taxes to his own country and his / hers stay at the hosting country is considered more as a guest than a resident.
    The only mix-up here is that they recruited locally and pay salaries locally. I am not sure how much jurisdiction any labor law would have in such case.
    So, it is understandable that Moroccan MS are upset, however, it is much more in their own court than in the Netherlands’.
    It is clearly a Moroccan foreign affairs policy problem as I assume this situation repeat itself in other embassies.