Morgan the orca off to the Canaries

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Morgan the orca will be transported to her new home in Tenerife as soon as possible, say the authorities at the dolphinarium in the Dutch town of Hardewijk. However, they could not give a specific date for the transfer.

The weak and sickly killer whale was rescued from the Wadden Sea last year and has spent the last 12 months being cared for by specialists at the Hardewijk dolphinarium. She has recovered so well that she has grown significantly and is now too big for her pool. It was originally hoped to be able to return her to the wild but there is little chance that she will find her family pod and she would never be able to survive on her own.

Animal rights activists took the government to court to force them to set the whale free but lost the case. Foreign Trade Minister Henk Bleker said if there was a reasonable chance of her surviving he would have opted to set her free but as her chances of survival are only one in three, he has decided to send the killer whale to Tenerife.


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