More than half of young Dutch adults are still in education

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Almost one in six of the Netherlands 18 to 25-year-olds are still in education with the percentage of masters degree students rising 8% this year, according to figures out on Wednesday.

Research from the Dutch university association VSNU shows that while the number of people taking a bachelor degree is stable at around 43,000, some 42,000 students started a masters degree course in September.

The organisation says the surge in masters students is due to the previous government's plan to fine students who took too long to pass their bachelor degree, which stimulated an increase in tempo.

The VSNU also reports an increase in the number of foreign students in the Netherlands, without giving figures. This is due to the high standing of Dutch universities and the price quality ratio.

Some 36% of young women and 32% of young men are currently attending university or college, up from 27% and 25% 10 years ago. Some 10% are still at high school and the rest are attending vocational training courses.


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  • David Speer posted:

    on 14th December 2012, 02:50:17 - Reply

    Editor, please read this article again. 1 in 6 ? More than half ? 10% still attend high school and the rest vocational. 10% of what? The rest of what? 42,000 started a masters program. This is surge? From what previous level? Interesting subject matter, but someone on staff is afraid of numbers it seems. I know a great copy editor, fluent in Dutch and English and she doesn't ask much money. [Edited by moderator]