More Dutch truckers fill up fuel in Belgium

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More Dutch lorry drivers are filling up over the border in Belgium since the introduction of higher taxes on diesel fuel in July.

20 August 2008

THE NETHERLANDS - Since the introduction of higher taxes on diesel fuel, more Dutch lorry drivers appear to be filling up over the border in Belgium. The government introduced a 3 percent increase in diesel tariffs in July.

The Transport and Logistics Netherlands (TLN), says drivers holding TLN filling passes have bought two million extra litres of fuel in Belgium since the tax rise. About a fifth of major diesel users hold such passes.

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  • steve posted:

    on 20th August 2008, 15:49:03 - Reply

    The issue of taxes on fuel should be scrapped. It is high time Dutch car owners stopped paying double taxes of road, commonly known here as wegbelasting, which in itself is a ripoff because one has to pay it even when your car is not running and that on fuel. Sadly however, both taxes, fuel and road, are relentlessly on the increase!
  • Peter posted:

    on 20th August 2008, 11:56:28 - Reply

    Well, I am amazed about the Dutch government. I guess they want to kill their economy. They are on a good way... They are just killing the flying branch of economy. More and more flights resign from Dutch airports after the introduction of the tax, even KLM (the "proud" Dutch company stopped with flying from Maastricht). Continue like this. Congratulations - I also try to tank as much as possible abroad. I don't want to be too offensive - but the Dutch(wo)men don't care ... anyway it is like with the speed limits on the highways ...