More Dutch living in Belgium

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The number of Dutch people living in Belgium continues to rise. According to figures released by the Belgian government on Tuesday, over 123,000 Dutch people make their home in the country. 

The number has steadily increased from 2006 when 111,000 Belgian residents were Dutch. Fifteen years ago, there were 55,000 Dutch people in the Benelux country. Most Dutch people live near the border of Belgium and the Netherlands.

After Italians and French, the Dutch are the largest foreign population in Belgium, the government’s data revealed. 

One in ten people living in Belgium are not Belgian nationals. Among those aged 30 to 34-years-old, the figures are one in six.

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  • niatrue posted:

    on 11th May 2011, 15:40:38 - Reply

    Articles also tend to be very poorly reported, with sweeping generalizations that aren't backed up by facts.
  • steve posted:

    on 11th May 2011, 12:39:12 - Reply

    Expactica needs a better editor, this article is dreadful. But then most of the news on this site is poorly written/translated.
  • peter posted:

    on 11th May 2011, 12:09:08 - Reply

    Looking at the numbers mentioned in the article, 123000, 111000, 55000, one might draw odd conclusions from the article ;-)