More Dutch government spending cuts

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The caretaker Dutch cabinet plans to impose dramatic cuts on the budget for helping immigrants integrate into Dutch society. The cuts, worth several hundred million euros, are part of 3.2 billion euros of savings which will have to be made to balance next year’s budget.

A total of 700 million euros is being found by using up money earmarked for policy initiatives, according to sources in The Hague. The cuts will officially be made known next week on Dutch Budget Day.

Other cuts became public last month after caretaker ministers agreed the 2011 budget. These include making savings of 600 million euros on government personnel costs, already agreed wage restraint good for 400 million euros, higher duties on tobacco, limiting subsidies for businesses and lowering child care allowance.



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  • stuart577 posted:

    on 15th September 2010, 11:16:05 - Reply

    The government cuts and cuts more at the expense usually of those who can least afford. Suggestions:
    1.Raise fees for health insurance to the wealthiest by way of a graduated system.
    2. Raise taxes on a graduated scale based on this series the least still are hurt the heavest
    3.Cutting lowering child care allowance harm those who can least afford.
    4.Raise fees to those who can afford to have include the largest of business
    Thank you