Moerdijk blaze - lessons to be learned

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Reports by the Public Order and Safety POS inspectorate and the Labour Inspectorate on the fire at a chemical plant in Moerdijk are to be sent to parliament on Wednesday.

The POS-inspectorate investigated how the fire was fought. The Labour Inspectorate looked at the working conditions of emergency services' staff who dealt with the incident. 

The fire completely destroyed the Chemie-Pack plant near the port of Rotterdam in January 2011. The incident led to commotion about whether a cloud of smoke that crossed part of the country contained harmful substances and whether proper safety measures had been observed. In the end, the risk to public health proved to have been low.

There was also criticism about how the fire itself was tackled, as the fire service was warned about using water on a chemical fire. Experts said it should have used foam to extinguish the flames.

The POS report focuses on how the blaze was tackled. Its purpose is to draw lessons for the future.

On Tuesday Chemie-Pack was forced to file for bankruptcy as a result of the financial claims pending against the company since the fire.

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