Mixed Dutch reactions to euro deal

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There have been mixed reactions from Dutch political parties to the euro accord reached at the European Union summit in Brussels.

The conservative VVD and Christian Democrats, members of the minority governing coalition, have come out broadly in favour of the deal, while the major opposition parties have criticised it as being weak. Opposition Labour MP Ronald Plasterk:

“Labour’s bitterly disappointed. It looks like the government leaders have been unable to rise to the challenge. In fact, you could say the European Union is now split. There are partial agreements on budget discipline and the emergency fund and absolutely no agreements on reining in the financial sector.”

Other opposition figures were equally dismissive. The democrat D66 party’s Alexander Pechtold described the accord as soft and called for more political daring and co-operation to complete the European project.

Jolande Sap for Green Left called it “a euro deal outside the European Union”, arguing that it would make the Eurozone governance even more complex than it is already. She worries that it will fail to make the imposition of sanctions on members breaching budgetary rules any quicker as was the intention.

Employers positive The VNO-NCW and MKB employers’ umbrella organisations have welcomed the agreement between the 17 EU countries as “an important step towards peace in the Eurozone”. The two organisations stressed once again the importance of swift decision-making by European government leaders: “Prosperity in the Netherlands is closely linked to the euro”.

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