Ministers divided on burqa ban

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The cabinet is still divided on the subject of a burqa ban.

6 February 2008

THE HAGUE – The cabinet is still divided on the subject of a burqa ban. The Christian democrat CDA does not think that the plans discussed in the cabinet recently go far enough and are arguing for a broader ban on clothing that conceals the face.

Labour PvdA Minister Guusje ter Horst (home affairs) has proposed a limited ban on the wearing of a burqa at schools and by public officials.

The CDA however wants a broader ban, to extend to travellers on public transport for instance. Sources close to the government said this on Wednesday in response to a report in the Telegraaf.

The cabinet plans to discuss the matter further on Friday after it failed to reach agreement last week. There have reportedly been suggestions this week to widen the scope of the original proposal.

Earlier this month it emerged that the government does not plan to introduce a general burqa ban because this would be at odds with the freedom of religion.

At the end of 2005 Parliament asked for a ban on burqas in a motion initiated by Geert Wilders. A similar motion was passed again after the government failed to take action on the first motion.

The motions both had majority support in Parliament thanks to the support of coalition faction CDA.

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  • Bjorn posted:

    on 6th February 2008, 13:10:02 - Reply

    This is almost too stupid. In a western country where we are used to openess, it should be obvious that the burqa covering the face should be banned in schools and other institutions. And in public, the minimum requirement must be that the police can require to see the face when needed. This is normal! If western women goes to some of the muslim countries, they are required to wear head scarf and cover themselves up. Why should it not be the same the other way around?