Millions for strengthening legal order Kunduz

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The Netherlands is to invest 6.2 million euros in strengthening legal order in the Afghan province of Kunduz.

The German development organisation GIZ and a number of Afghan partners will organise and carry out the relevant projects.

Deputy Development Minister Ben Knapen signed an agreement with his German counterpart Dirk Kniebel in Berlin on Thursday. The Dutch government has earmarked a total of 22.5 million euros for development projects in Kunduz.

Germany and the Netherlands have a history of cooperation in Kunduz. Many of the participants in the Dutch police training mission in Kunduz are stationed at a German base. According to Deputy Minister Knapen, Thursday’s agreement builds on the “excellent cooperation in setting up the integrated police training mission.”

In a letter to parliament Mr Knapen wrote that the Dutch-German agreement involves 13 joint projects.

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