Migration enriches society

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Immigration Minister Gerd Leers argues that “Migration enriches our society.”

The minister made his statement in an article published in magazine of the Christian democratic CDA’s scientific institute.

The CDA is one of the coalition partners in the centre-right minority cabinet which relies on Geert Wilders’ Freedom party for parliamentary support. Mr Wilders wants to severly restrict immigration.

Minister Leers states that a society which tries to curb immigration is “on the wrong track.” He says he wants to dispel negative ideas about immigration and emphasise a positive image.' He regrets that the political and social debate of the past few years has put immigration in a bad light.

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  • Joe posted:

    on 7th October 2011, 15:40:53 - Reply

    Riiiiiiiiiiight. The third world moves to Holland and in response the Dutch move to Canada and the US. This is going to work out real nicely for Holland's future.