Men on work experience earn more than women

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Research into internships in the Netherlands has revealed that men on work experience receive higher average placement fees than women. The research, carried out on behalf of FNV Jong, the young people's branch of the trades union organisation FNV, revealed that male students receive on average 184 euros per month, whereas women must make do with 158 euros per month.

The Chairman of FNV Jong, Jeroen de Glass, wants the government to investigate the reasons for the difference. "The difference can partly be explained by more women working in sectors such as healthcare where you generally receive less compensation. But this sectoral difference doesn't explain everything. "

The survey also shows that non-Western immigrants on average receive less compensation for their placement 157.81 euros per month than native Dutch 170.63 euros per month. Of the non-Western immigrants, only 33 percent are satisfied with the fee. For indigenous students, this rises to 46.2 percent.

According to FNV, many students are forced to give up their part time jobs to gain work experience, but many companies make no payment  to the trainees, who consequently feel exploited.

Mr De Glass is therefore calling for a statutory right to a minimum placement fee of 250 euros per month. According to him, this amounts to compensation for giving up work. "At the moment many students say they have to take a part time job on Thursday and Saturday to manage on an internship. They want to do fun things as well as study. The result is that many have to take out loans."


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