Medical database accessible to too many

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Too many people have access to personal information via a health insurance database, say experts.

12 December 2007

AMSTERDAM – Personal information on virtually everyone in the Netherlands is easy to access in the Vecozo medical database.

This is because almost 80,000 people in the Netherlands have access to the database, which was set up by health insurance companies to make payments easier, Trouw reports.

The addresses of well-known politicians, criminals and television stars can be easily found, even if the individuals have an unlisted number or secret address, the newspaper discovered. Birth dates, sofi numbers, health insurance information and the "safe house" address of a woman who suffered domestic abuse can also be found in the system.

Doctors, dentists, hospital personnel, but also suppliers of health aids and taxi companies have access to Vecozo. The number of people with access to the system is growing by the day and is more than 79,300 at the moment, the newspaper reports.

Computer security expert and professor at Radboud University Nijmegen and TU Eindhoven Bart Jacobs says this is precisely the problem.

Vecozo is secured with a password and certificate. "From a technical aspect it seems well secured," Jacobs said in the paper. "But if so many people have access….it comes down to the fact that one in 200 Dutch can look through the information." Everyone knows someone who can access the system, he says.

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