Meat products sold as game often include beef or chicken

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Some Dutch specialist butchers and wholesalers of game and poultry sell products either containing meat from other animals, or in some cases, no game at all.

A recent investigation by the Food and Consumer Product Safety Authority FCPSA has shown that 10 percent of the labels on products examined were either partially, or wholly, inaccurate. Over the past few months, the FCPSA has carried out inspections of 60 business selling game and related products. Most of these businesses were either specialist butchers, or wholesalers supplying the catering sector. Of the 266 products inspected, 27 included different types of meat from those mentioned on the label. In twelve cases, the product did not contain any game at all.

Examples included jugged hare which contained no hare whatsoever, a pheasant stew which contained only duck, and a goose breast fillet which also turned out to be duck. Fifteen samples included other kinds of meat in addition to the ones listed on the label. For instance, a dish supposedly made of quail and goose liver also included beef and chicken.

However, most of the raw game was actually what the label stated. Only one out of 32 samples tested turned out to be something other than the label declared. The FCPSA says it will continue its inspections in the coming weeks. The new series of inspections will also included game and poultry sold at supermarkets, which only sell these products from early December. The authority's final report will be published early next year.



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