Measures taken to prevent flooding in south Netherlands

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Measures have been taken in the south of the Netherlands to prevent flooding due to extremely high water levels.

Excess water in streams is being pumped into the river Meuse and sewage pipelines closed off where necessary. As a result water levels in the rain-fed river rose more quickly than expected. There has been flooding in a number of towns.

At two o'clock last night, water levels in the river Meuse in the south of the Netherlands were at their highest point so far. Since then the velocity of the water flowing downstream has been 1500 cubic metres per second.

The water in the river is expected to swell to 1800 cubic metre per second on Sunday.

The danger of flooding in South and Middle Limburg has subsided, as there it has stopped raining. If weather predictions are correct the drainage system should be able to cope in these areas.



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