Mayor: Amsterdam has become more violent

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Mayor: Amsterdam has become more violent

Amsterdam Mayor Eberhard van der Laan said on Sunday that his city over the past few years has become "harsher and more violent." The mayor made his statement at a public meeting where the talked about his first six months as the capital's mayor.

He said that the number of criminal offences was dropping, but the level of violence was increasing. ,,So I believe it will have a stronger impact on people", Mr Van der Laan said. The mayor is worried about the spreading possession of firearms, and young people who progress from street criminals to hardened robbers.

Mr Van der Laan said there is a group of about 600 young boys who have been arrested at least 15,000 times in the past five years. "That's 25 arrests per person." The Amsterdam police have assigned 250 detectives to get these criminals of the streets.




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