Majority back Hague government policies

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Six of the Dutch cabinet’s nine basic plans are supported by a majority of voters, a leading weekly opinion polls shows.

Backed by 76 percent of the voters, the government’s media budget cuts enjoy the broadest support.

Second come the government’s tougher immigration and integration policies, which are approved by 67 of the voters. Cuts in development aid come third, with 65 percent.

Budget cuts in defence, culture and child care are the other three policies welcomed by a majority of voters.

The three plans not endorsed by a majority of voters are those relating to raising the retirement age, scrapping personal disability budgets and abolishing sheltered workshops for people with disabilities.

People voting for the governing conservative VVD party support eight of the nine plans abolishing sheltered workshops fails to get a majority.   People who vote for the Christian Democrat junior coalition partner endorse seven plans. Those voting for the Freedom Party, which backs the minority cabinet in parliament, back six. Freedom Party voters especially oppose the government’s plan to raise the retirement age.

Among Labour and Green Left voters there is strong support for budget cuts in defence and the media. Socialist Party voters only favour defence budget cuts, according to the survey conducted by Maurice de Hond.

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