Majority against smaller role for Queen

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A narrow majority of the Dutch do not want to see Queen Beatrix’s role in politics reduced, a survey finds.

Fifty-seven percent of those surveyed want the monarch to continue as part of the government. Currently, a majority in parliament favours limiting the Queen’s political role.

The survey, commissioned by RTL News, was conducted by De Vos & Jansen among 1018 people.

Sixty-three percent of respondents disagree with the view that Beatrix interferes too much in politics. Some parties critisiced the Queen during the last coalition talks for appointing a negotiator that was not to their liking.

Sixty-nine percent deem Crown Prince Willem-Alexander ready to assume his role as head of state. One fifth of those questioned said the Queen should abdicate this very year. Two thirds prefer her to wait until 2014.

Nearly 85 percent chose Princess Máxima as the most popular royal, compared with ten percent who picked the Queen.  

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