Maastricht to reduce coffee shop nuisance

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Maastricht wants to limit the nuisance caused by tourists visiting the city’s coffeeshops by 20 percent. They hope to do this by allowing only Dutch, Belgian and German nationals into the cannabis selling cafes.

Marc Josemans, chairman of the Association of Official Coffeeshops Maastricht VOCM, announced the plan Thursday, saying it would reduce the number of annual visitors by half a million.

Beginning in September, Maastricht’s coffeeshops will distribute flyers notifying foreign visitors that they will not be admitted after 1 October. A media campaign will spread the news to France, Luxembourg, Italy and Spain.

The municipality distanced themselves from the VOCM’s plan, warning the move may be discriminatory. A spokesperson specifically asked how Maastricht’s coffeeshops could legally deny access to a Frenchman but not to a Belgian. According to the VOCM, this is legally possible.

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