MPs suggest compromise for ritual slaughter ban

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A compromise has been proposed in the debate on ritual slaughter by the democrats D66, Labour Party, Green Left and conservative VVD. Marianne Thieme, leader of the Animal Rights Party, who tabled the original motion to ban ritual slaughter does not see the proposal as a compromise.

On Wednesday the parties agreed ritual slaughter may be allowed if animals do not suffer longer than in ordinary slaughter houses. In ritual slaughter animals are not stunned before being killed.

Ms Thieme: "If there is proof that animals do not suffer during ritual slaughter we are for waiving the ban in those cases, but I do not expect this at all."

It is not clear whether she will agree to the amendments to her motion.

Meanwhile the Jewish community which like the Muslim community requires its meat to be ritually slaughtered, says "Science has determine the outcome, not freedom of religion. This is a historic break with religious tolerance towards Judaism." 

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