Limburg to demolish nearly 5,000 homes

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Almost 5,000 rental houses are to be demolished in southern parts of Limburg over the next three years, the provincial authorities have told housing minister Stef Blok.

The demolition will create a €73m tax advantage for housing corporations, which they will invest in new rental properties, Nos television said.

The province hopes an improvement in housing stock will help reverse the population decline in the most southern parts of the Netherlands.

Corporations can get a €15,000 cut in a new tax on rental income for every house they demolish. Blok has set aside €280m to fund demolition projects up to 2017.


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  • mskadin posted:

    on 23rd January 2014, 14:21:32 - Reply

    Good to have new housing hope better then the old.
    I note the corporation will receive a tax benefit.
    Now what of the people that live in these apartment where will they live will they receive a benefit for their moving. This will cost them money to move.