Leader of Dutch far right condemns Norway attacks

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Leader of the Dutch far right, Geert Wilders, condemned Saturday the twin attacks in Norway, calling the attacker "violent and sick".

Wilders, the leader of the anti-Islam Freedom Party (PVV), which backs Prime Minister Mark Rutte's coalition government, wrote on the microblogging service Twitter: "Awful attack in Oslo, all innocent victims (of someone) with a violent and sick character. The PVV offers its condolences to all the families of the victims and to the Norwegian people".

Police believe Friday's shooting at a summer holiday camp and the bombing in central Oslo -- twin attacks that have together killed at least 92 people -- were carried out by an arrested suspect, identified by the media as Anders Behring Breivik, a 32-year-old Norwegian man and right-wing "fundamentalist Christian".

According to reports in the Dutch media based on information circulating on the Internet, Breivik was sympathetic to the PVV's ideology.

In a message posted on January 28, 2010 on the website of the conservative Norwegian magazine Minerva, Breivik wrote of Britain's Conservative Party: "England's Tories, just like the right-wing parties in Norway, have lost their credibility compared to real conservative parties such as the FrP (the populist Norwegian Progress Party), Geert Wilders' PVV etc... parties that can truly claim to be conservative parties in their whole culture".

Wilders has also sought to distance himself and his party from Breivik's comments, writing on the news website Spitsinews that the PVV "abhors all that (Breivik) represents and has done".

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  • AXn posted:

    on 24th July 2011, 12:42:52 - Reply

    Perhaps now the willfully ignorant Dutch sociopaths that voted PVV will take a minute to consider the damage their corrupt and perverted "ideas" are doing to civilised society? After reading the many pro-Breivik comments on their forum (http://www.forum-voor-de-vrijheid.nl), somehow I doubt it. Wilders can protest his innocence, pout petulantly and whine about how misunderstood he his all he wants - for the rest of us it's abundantly clear: PVV is the theory, child murder is the practice.