Labour leader rules out coalition with Wilders

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Governing with Geert Wilders’ Freedom party is ‘absolutely out of the question’, said Labour party leader Wouter Bos.

The Hague – Labour party leader Wouter Bos has ruled out any possibility of his party ever governing in a coalition with Geert Wilders' rightwing populist Freedom party.

The Labour leader was quoted as saying governing with the Freedom party would be ‘absolutely out of the question’ in De Volkskrant.

Bos added a Netherlands run by Wilders & Co will be a ‘cold, unpleasant place’.

Labour is not alone in its stance. The Socialists, GreenLeft, the D66 democrats and the Christian Union have all rejected the idea of entering a coalition with Wilders’ party.

Deputy Prime Minister and Christian Union party leader André Rouvoet said Monday that it would be 'unthinkable' for his party to join a coalition with the Freedom Party.

On the Socialist party website, party leader Agnes Kant said the SP had 'unbridgeable differences' with Wilders and would also never enter into a coalition with his party.

The centre left D66 party and Green Left party also said it would not join a cabinet with Wilders.

The opposition conservative VVD party and the senior partner in the ruling coalition the Christian Democrats have not ruled out the possibility of forming a coalition with any party, including the Freedom Party.

However, the prospect of cooperation with Wilders – branded by many as a far-right populist – is known to be a serious bone of contention among party members.

The Freedom party leader has hit back at the series of comments, criticising the rejection as a “stupid” left-wing boycott and an insult to voters.

Wilders has ruled out cooperation with its "diametric opposite" Green Left party.

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