Labour Party calls on US to remove nuclear arms

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Dutch MP wants the government to tell US President Barack Obama to come and remove its nuclear weapons stored at Volkel air base in North Brabant.

The Hague -- The US should remove its nuclear arms from the Volkel airbase in Noord-Brabant province, said a member of the Labour Party in an interview with NOS radio.

While it has never been confirmed by the Dutch government that American nuclear bombs are stationed at Volkel airbase, "it's an open secret that nuclear weapons are stored at the Volkel air base in North Brabant", writes de Volkskrant.

However, the Labour MP Martijn points out the Belgian government had made comments about the number of US-owned nuclear arms stored in several European countries which suggest that at least 22 of them are in the Netherlands.

Van Dam said he was responding to US President Barack Obama’s remarks to reduce the number of nuclear arms in the world. Obama also signed an agreement with his Russian counterpart, Dmitri Medvedev, to work towards a nuclear arms reduction.

The Labour party thinks the Netherlands can support Obama's call by inviting the US to remove its nuclear devices from Dutch soil.

"They're a remnant of the Cold War, which is over," Van Dam was quoted as saying in de Volkskrant.

“The Netherlands has to tell US President Barack Obama to come and get them".

Radio Netherlands / Expatica

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