Kurdish rebels hijack passenger ferry, Turkey says

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At least four hijackers claiming to be Kurdish rebels took control of a ferry carrying 20 passengers and crew off Turkey's north-western coast on Friday, according to the country's transport minister.

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  • azat posted:

    on 8th December 2011, 19:05:44 - Reply

    Turkey uses napalm and chemical weapons against of Kurd people, but the west countries are blind.They don't want to see this reality.5-10 Kurd gentilmen are killed in every day by Turk troops by using chemical weapons which are bought from Usa and the west countries.Every week about 100 Kurd literates are been prisoned without any justice.Today the total of prisoned Kurd is about 50000.Some of them are prisoned about 4-6 years without taking them to court.Please, the Europeans see these realities of Kurds.