Kunduz police training: 0.5 million per cop

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The Dutch police training mission in the Afghan province of Kunduz is costing the Netherlands more than half a million euros per participant this year, daily reports. 

The 2011 budget for the mission is 105 million euros, according to figures from the Dutch defence ministry and the Kunduz police force. A total of 189 police officers are to receive training during the mission, which began in July.

The training comprises just 12 hours of classroom time, the Afghans say – working out at more than 40,000 euros an hour. But the Dutch defence ministry points out that the trainers also accompany the participants on patrol.

The total sum for this year includes start-up costs, the ministry says, so it is unfair to relate the figure to a number of officers trained. Yet this doesn’t mean the cost will fall over the coming years. The budget is set at 109 million euros a year for 2012 and 2013, and 94 million euros for 2014.

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    And the Netherlands is complaining about Montenegro? Looks like they should be investigating corruption in the Dutch training mission.