Knapen: new development aid players needed

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Traditional development aid from rich to poor countries should be partly replaced by aid provided by other players, Deputy Development Minister Ben Knapen said during the opening of the annual Africa Day of the Evert Vermeer Foundation in The Hague.

The debate on the future of development aid, the deputy minister argued, could go two ways. It either focuses on the usual donors or it also looks for new players. The latter option has the minister’s preference, who said he saw signs the debate was moving in that direction.

The near future, Mr Knapen predicted, will see countries such as China, India and Brazil taking on much bigger roles in development aid. Private foundations, such as the one run by US billionair Bill Gates, are also increasing their contributions. Companies and private parties, lastly, are stepping up their initiatives too, the minister concluded.

Current changes in the global scene, Mr Knapen warned, “require a new architecture, a new house for international responsibility”. Holland, he hoped, could once again play a leading role in that discussion.

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    What sort of players, football players?