Julio Poch to remain on remand

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Former Transavia pilot Julio Poch has been told he will have to remain in his cell in Argentina until his trial. His lawyer had appealed for his release on bail.

Julio Poch is charged with 29 disappearances. Property and assets worth five million euros have been seized - that is one million Argentinian pesos for each victim. Examining magistrate Sergio Torres had wanted to seize property and assets more than 7 million euros. Judge Torres had already approved the seizure of assets worth 128 million euros last year.

Julio Poch was arrested in Spain in September 2009 shortly before he was due to take off on his last flight to the Netherlands before retiring. He is accused of involvement in the so-called death flights during Argentina’s military dictatorship 1976-1983. Thousands of the junta’s opponents were thrown alive from planes into the ocean during what became known as the Dirty War. The examining magistrate believes Poch is responsible for 615 disappearances.

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