Israeli pelted with shoes in Amsterdam

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Israeli military spokesperson Ron Edelheit was pelted with shoes while giving a speech in the Apollo Hotel.

AMSTERDAM—The Israeli military spokesman Ron Edelheit was pelted with shoes as he gave a speech Sunday evening in the Apollo Hotel in Amsterdam. Three people, two men and a woman in their twenties, are being detained on suspect of assault.

According to the Netherlands-Palestine Committee, Edelheit was struck in the head with the shoes.

Approximately 50 people gathered outside of the hotel to protest Edelheit’s visit. Earlier in the day the location of the speech was changed at the last minute. According to the Israeli Centre on Information and Documentation, the College Hotel cancelled the scheduled event due to threats and hateful emails.

During the Gaza War Edelheit was a spokesperson for the Israeli army. The title of his speech was, “The War in Gaza is Over: Now What?”

The Netherlands Palestine Committee protested Edelheits visit because during his tenure as spokesperson for the Israeli army, “Israeli destruction, murder and degeneracy was smoothed over verbally.” A spokesperson for the Committee said that they knew nothing of the threats against Edelheit, “We are strictly against such activity.”

The police had received no information on threats to the College Hotel. The demonstration outside of the Appollo Hotel ended without incident.

Radio Netherlands/ANP/Expatica

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  • Dan Lang posted:

    on 25th February 2009, 10:54:56 - Reply

    From the accounts that I have read and heard, "gas the Jews" was being chanted. While free speech was once an absolute in Holland, it is no longer. There are those that may compare this to what Wilder's says about Islam but in reality, there is no comparison. Also, during the rise of radical Islam over the past few years, the Royal Family has remained quiet. It is high time that they finally speak against such radicalism and tell the troublemakers, no matter what religion or nationality, that they will not be tolerated in Holland.
  • stevenkarmi posted:

    on 23rd February 2009, 16:15:55 - Reply

    Is it true that the protesters outside the hotel were chanting "Gas the Jews"?? This is what I've read from one relialbe source and would like more confirmation. What are the laws in the Netherlands regarding such hate speach--to promote genocide, no less?