Iran hangs Iranian-Dutch woman for drug smuggling

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Iran on Saturday hanged an Iranian-Dutch woman, Zahra Bahrami, after she was found guilty of selling and possessing drugs, state media reported, quoting the Tehran prosecutor's office.

"A drug trafficker named Zahra Bahrami, daughter of Ali, was hanged early on Saturday morning after she was convicted of selling and possessing drugs," state television said on its website, quoting the prosecutor's office.

Bahrami, an Iranian-born naturalised Dutch citizen, was reportedly arrested after joining a protest against the government while visiting relatives in the Islamic republic.

The Netherlands said that the Iranian authorities had refused the Dutch embassy access to the prisoner because they did not recognise her dual nationality.

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  • Glenn posted:

    on 30th January 2011, 00:29:05 - Reply

    Amanda - Let me assure you that not all people who live in The Netherlands are "open minded" and "tolerant" about drug users and drug dealers. Drugs destroy society. I don't want to see Holland destroyed from within. I hope the current government of Iran is replaced and soon by a democracy. And I also hope they too will hang drug users and dealers!
  • Amanda posted:

    on 29th January 2011, 23:22:33 - Reply

    Your in the wrong country, why not go live in Iran?
  • Glenn posted:

    on 29th January 2011, 15:33:27 - Reply

    If she really had drugs then she got what she deserved. Even a gram is a gram too much. Obviously there are many who smuggle drugs who never get caught but that's no reason not to hang those who do get caught. I only wish they would do the same here in Holland. (If she didn't really have drugs and it was only a political killing, of course it was wrong.) Heroin, marijuana, cocaine ... it's all the same. Hang 'em if they have 'em!!