Insult to PM costs Wilders support

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The popularity of Geert Wilders’ Freedom Party’s has dropped in response to his use of language during the budget debate, according to pollster Maurice de Hond’s

Mr Wilder’s party lost the equivalent of two seats in the poll after the debate in which his derogatory and informal language caused controversy.

[related-articles]Nevertheless, many Freedom Party voters said they approved of the way Mr Wilders’ called Labour Party leader Job Cohen a “company poodle” and told Prime Minister Mark Rutte to “act normal” – an idiom that loses its disparagingly familiar tone in translation. 

Fourteen percent of Mr Wilders’ supporters said they saw his remark to the prime minister as undesirable, and 20 percent objected to it strongly.

Were elections held now, Mr Wilders’ party would overtake the Labour Party to become the second largest in the 150-seat parliament with 26 seats, according to the poll.





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  • Bruce posted:

    on 26th September 2011, 13:07:16 - Reply

    So his party has lost support but would overtake the Labour party if an election were to be held now. Does not compute!!!
  • Daniel posted:

    on 26th September 2011, 09:09:59 - Reply

    I think the biggest problem for Wilders is his "missbehaving" in parliament and they let that trump the issue of his ideas being valid or not. That's too bad because Wilders isn't wrong about the things he complains about. The Turks are more of a problem than most Europeans or Americans seem to understand. According to the news they are a menace in the eastern world and they are making things hard for Israel all the time. Wilders doesn't like them, and I think he's sensible to feel that way.He's right about bailing out Greece and banning minarets too. The trouble is the members of parliament are afraid of the truth and resent anyone who is straight-forward in telling it .